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Beijing Rofea Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. located in China’s “Silicon Valley” – Beijing Zhongguancun, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to serving domestic and foreign research institutions, research institutes, universities and enterprise scientific research personnel. Our company is mainly engaged in the independent research and development, design, manufacturing, sales of optoelectronic products, and provides innovative solutions and professional, personalized services for scientific researchers and industrial engineers.


Application Case

  • Optical communication field

    Optical communication field


    The development direction of high speed, large capacity and wide bandwidth of optical communication requires the high integration of photoelectric devices. The premise of integration is the miniaturization of photoelectric devices.

  • Application of electro-optic modulation......

    Application of electro-optic modulation......


    The system uses light waves to transmit sound information. The laser generated by the laser becomes linearly polarized light after the polarizer, and then becomes circularly polarized light after the λ / 4 wave plate.

  • Quantum key distribution (QKD)

    Quantum key distribution (QKD)


    Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a secure communication method which implements a cryptographic protocol involving components of quantum mechanics.It enables two parties to produce a shared random secret key known only to them.

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